2 weeks after insertion of mesh into layer between dermis and SMAS, soft tissue grows into gaps of the mesh and pulls and fixes dermis and SMAS. The world's first 16 lines of MESHFILL can have a lifting effect, as well as a volume and rejuvenative effect, by simultaneously using the filler.   


Filler & Thread

meshfil 1_1-100.jpg

soft elasticity

Minimum tissue damage with high polymer round head tip

meso needle_detail.jpg

The World's First

16 Lines Mesh Thread

+   Softer & higher elasticity than existing mesh thread

+   Strong stencil strength

+   Strong knot, stable during procedure

Combination with Filler

Maximize effect by combination of Meshfill & Filler

16 Lines of Mesh Threads reduce the diffusion and migration of filler

meshfill 3-100.jpg

used filler

Mesh used  with filler

1. Preparation

mesh fill 4-100.jpg

Preparation of filler and Meshfill

How to Fix Filler

2. Fixation

meshfill 5-100.jpg

Assemble the tip of filler with the Meshfill cannula, and turn to firmly fix

3. Completion

meshfill 5-100.jpg

Fixation Complete